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 I take my art in many different forms and directions which I think keeps my life full of variety and excitement.

I was born and raised in Naples, Florida where I first started to develop the art of kitesurfing. I chased a professional career for close to a decade. This love of wind and water took me around the world in such a way many will never get to experience.

From this love I developed my skills in photography & videography, taking my love of travel and landscapes and creating beautiful memories for people to enjoy vicariously through my eyes.

In recent years kitesurfing had been put on the back burner to develop more of my skills in different forms of art. I still continue to build my portfolio in photography but have slowly been engulfed in the beauty, depth, and versatility of Epoxy resin.

I continue to open new doors and experiment with new styles, inevitably merging all my mediums into one copacetic expression of my love for the ocean and the landscapes around it. 

I hope you enjoy my journey as much as I do.

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